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GetResponse Review- Is It Worth Buying In 2021?

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Do you want to get more leads and are in need of a professional email autoresponder product? If so, then this GetResponse review is for you! Internet marketing is all about having a powerful and simplified tool to automate your marketing. If you know the right marketing strategies and email marketing tools, the list of your clients will be as long as your email list.

Nowadays you may hear a lot about GetResponse. So in this article, we will lift the veil, and tell you is it worth buying the product or is it overhyped. This is an honest GetResponse review as I will be laying out all the facts so you an make an educated decision if this is the right autoresponder for you. Stay with me throughout, as I am going to answer all the questions that are popping up into your mind.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an online marketer, a company, or a marketing manager, GetResponse is something you need to know about. Let’s dive in and see what GetResponse has to offer. Just maybe it will be the solution to all your marketing woes.

Table of Contents

What Is GetResponse?

GetResponse has turned out to be a complete online marketing solution. It can help you with email marketing, conversion funnels, landing pages, paid ads, signup forms, webinars, marketing automation, unlimited follow-up autoresponders, and many similar things to help you with lead generation. In short, it is an ultimate solution for marketing issues as an all-in-one marketing software. By delivering correct and timely information to your clients, it claims to have the potential to convert them into paying clients. As a business, what else could you ask for! Now that you know what GetResponse is, let’s get into more detail on it’s features.

Is there a 30 day GetResponse free trial?

Want to sign up and see if this is exactly what you are looking for? Sign up and enjoy a free trial for 30 days with all the features and functionality. If you have already wasted your time, money, and energy in a failed search for the right tool, why not try this one for FREE!

If you are new to this type of marketing then signing up is usually not enough. You will need the help of a top-tier customer support team. With GetResponse you will not only have access to highly-supportive customer care, but also video tutorials, FAQs, and user guides to help you on your business journey.

Now, this next part you are going to want to listen up for! Unlike other similar tools, you won’t need to provide your credit card information during the free trial period. So, you can cancel your membership anytime, without the fear of huge investments or other mandatory steps. Simply put, you are at no risk! With that being said, why not give it a chance?

Some of the highlights of GetResponse include:​

And many more!

What sets GetResponse apart?​

Want to know more? Let’s proceed!

Distinguishing Features

You should not miss this part if you are looking for an unbiased and honest overview. So, here is what I observed and experienced after using this product. It does offer some outstanding and mind-blowing features, and it is worth mentioning them in this article.

A/B Testing

As we all know, email campaigns interact directly with the customers. They truly are the biggest source of lead generation. It is a tiresome process to wait for the best results each time, so GetResponse allows you to create up to 5 personalized messages, and check which of them works best for you! So, you can use separate subject content, personalized techniques, and custom features for each message, and see which brings in the most sales. The best part is that GetResponse does all the work automatically and favors the best. It saves your time, and you can get maximum conversion leads directly into your sales funnel.

Social Media Marketing

You can never deny the importance of social media in marketing. While a lot of other companies are getting their clients from social media, why not you? This tool will connect with Facebook and Twitter and automatically send the links of your campaigns, latest blog posts, and discounts on your official pages and groups.

300+ Industry HTML Templates

Can you imagine how much of an audience you could get if you use an eye-catchy HTML template? It is for sure an amazing option that will divert the attention of your clients towards you. These templates contain a lot of graphics, add-ons, formatting options, and fonts. It will surely make your email marketing experience an unforgettable part of your business. The intuitive editor allows you to communicate effectively by providing a lot of customization, for breathtaking marketing. A creative display and amazing colors, along with your company logo, will boost up your sales to an enormous extent.

Online GetResponse Surveys​

Just as the name indicates, getting a response from your clients and their opinion about products is necessary for improving your business. The question is, do you want to do it without spending an extra dime? Can’t believe it? Well, it is possible! GetResponse allows you to design and ask the survey questions free of cost. Once you get to know about the customers’ opinions, you will have a golden chance to improve your product accordingly even before your competitors. It will not only enhance your productivity but also help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Email Analytics​

You shouldn’t be blindly running your email campaigns. Here is the million dollar question tough, “How would you know that your latest campaign is better than the previous one?” GetResponse allows you to get the analytics of each campaign right in your inbox. This feature will tell you about the clicks, visits, subscribes, unsubscribes, and ultimately the purchases. You can see the results in graphical form and within customized reports.

Mobile App

The GetResponse mobile app allows you to keep updated and connected. Whether you want to respond to the customer’s messages or want to stay updated about the effectiveness of your email marketing, the GetResponse mobile app will help you to handle all of this. 24/7 access to the dashboard allows you to connect and react anytime, and with anyone.

Customer Support​

If you are new to GetResponse, you may face a lot of problems throughout the whole process. But don’t worry. Friendly staff and 24/7 customer care representatives will always be there to guide you throughout the whole process. But, we are not through yet! You can also get updates about the latest features and techniques that will help you maximize your email marketing. They keep on updating their features and there is always room for improvement. So staying in touch is the key!

GetResponse Enterprise​

It is something you cannot resist! With GetResponse’s powerful backbone, this service is capable of sending 1,000,000 messages in just 24 hours. It is an automatic response system and is entirely affordable. All of the responses will be given by the enterprise delivery representatives and experts.

Available GetResponse Plans

There are four plans available with different pricing and ultimately different features. The “Max” plan has some unique features.

Basic (Starting from $15/month)

Plus (Starting from $49/month)

Professional (Starting from $99/month)

Max (Custom Pricing)

Pros & Cons Of GetResponse

No proper review can be complete without listing the pros and cons of a product! It is one of the most important sections of product reviews. So, I prefer to start with the good part. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Pros of GetResponse

Whether you want to engage with customers, sell your knowledge, build your email list with lead generation tools, or market your experiences that will convert the casual visitors into paying clients, GetResponse will make it happen! We have already discussed GetResponse’s 30 day free trial along with some distingushing features that make it an all-in-one marketing solution. With that being said, there are several other features that we can define as pros.

Cheaper & More Affordable Than Several Competitors

There are four available plans with varying features. It’s not uncommon for individuals and small business owners who are on a tight budget to go for the basic plan. I also purchased the basic plan but then progressed on to a higher level plan. The basic plan is very cheap and highly affordable compared to competitors, but once you need more advanced features, you can opt for a more suitable plan. Overall, it is an affordable tool, as it helps you to strongly boost your sales and business presence.

Transparency & Reliability

If you are looking for authentic information about GetResponse, like facts and figures, you should be very confident as it is very transparent about publishing statistics and providing deliverability rates.

GetResponse Is Highly Automated

Starting from scratch can be a daunting task, but not with GetResponse. The process of signing up, and getting all the benefits from it is very simplified and easy. Almost all the tools are automated and no advanced or prior knowledge is required. So, if you are feeling any type of hesitation to start using this marketing solution or looking for someone to help you, do not waste more time. Go and sign up right now!

Landing Page & Conversion Funnel Feature

Landing pages are the pages that convert your traffic into more business. It is important to build up a solid trust between you and your clientele in order to keep moving forward. Many small business owners and eCommerce website runners make the use of attractive landing pages. Automated respondents from GetResponse will guide you throughout the whole process and guarantee a drastic increase in your sales.

Webinar Software

Conducting webinars and providing one-on-one solutions is a tested and proven way of generating leads. GetResponse provides you with complete marketing webinar software to communicate with potential clients effectively.

That concludes the positive points of the GetResponse platform. But don’t forget that every situation has two aspects and every coin has two sides. Being unbiased, it’s my responsibility to introduce to you some of the negatives of GetResponse which we will discuss next.

Cons of GetResponse

If you have made an informed decision to purchase this product, getting to know about the cons will not change your mind, but it will increase your awareness about the product and give you an insight into which plan you should buy. I started with the basic version, and then slowly progressed. It is worth mentioning that a custom plan can be the best option with all of your desired features in just one go. Anyways, let’s see what this product is missing and how we can overcome its drawbacks, and what improvements should be made by the GetResponse manufacturers.

Webinar Attendee Limitation

Although GetResponse provides you with some splendid features of marketing and generating leads through webinars, only 500 people can attend one webinar at a time. Putting a limit on the number of attendees, in some cases, may be a problem. The only way you can account for this is by conducting more than one webinar. The good news is that GetResponse is currently working on an improvement for this feature. It has been said that we’ll be getting information soon about a potential update.

Phone Support

Whether you are using the basic plan or have switched to the plus or professional plans, you won’t get phone support. Phone support is only available for those who switch to the max plan and buy the customized deals. The good news is that you have access to a powerful online database of articles and tutorials. If all else fails, there is always YouTube!

Landing Page Customization

While all the features related to landing page design are highly professional, there is a problem with GetResponse’s drag-and-drop interface. It is not as fluid as it should be. Depending on your design skills, you may not be able to create an attractive landing page easily. If you think this might be a problem for you, it could be best to look at a customized plan. Even with that option, it still feels like something is missing and needs to be improved.

Facebook Pixel GDPR Compliance

It provides you with an option of using a Facebook pixel in your landing pages, yet it is not possible to do it in the GDPR compliant way.

Overall Experience

Seeing that GetResponse has an authentic track record and accurate statistics, I was convinced that they were at least worth a try. Although there are small improvements needed, it is an awesome tool that will greatly enhance your mailing list. I tried many other email marketing platforms, but my overall experience with GetResponse was superior.

There are a lot of companies and individuals who are doing great with the basic plans and performing internet marketing successfully with GetResponse. It shows that the basic plan is perfect for local businesses and individuals. I do recommend if you own a bigger business, you should move on to the max plan. Why am I saying to jump directly from basic to Max? There is a simple reason and that is there is not much difference between the basic and the plus plans. In my opinion, the Basic plan is enough if you need robust marketing features without spending much money. The plus plan has only one more feature which is an auto funnel. If you can afford it and need some extraordinary features, jump to the max plan and get all that you need without limitations.

Final Verdict

If I were given a chance to rate GetResponse, I would opt for a 4.5-star rating. With that being said, my overall experience with this product has been very positive. My most favorite feature is the 30-day free trial option. When it automates your essential tasks and helps you to launch effective marketing campaigns, you fall in love with it.

GetResponse has been around a long time and has improved features to make them exactly according to the customers’ needs. Initially, it was successful in the European markets but in the past few years, it has made its mark in the American market as well. So, I came to know about the stunning features two years ago. Since then, I have been relying on this tool to run my companies’ marketing. And just to discover its awesomeness, I have tried almost all of its features. So, yes you should give it a go!

Now you have learned all about GetResponse, I am grateful that you have stuck around till the end of this review. I’d love to hear how it helped you out? Share your thoughts by doing a quick comment right now. Happy Marketing!

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Try GetResponse 30 Days For FREE

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