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Namecheap Hosting – The Ultimate Review 2021

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Namecheap hosting is one of the best hosting providers for businesses, digital marketers, and bloggers. As a global hosting service, they have a worldwide footprint with servers all over the world. They have been around for over two decades and have become a household name in web services.

Namecheap offers hosting and domain registration services. It has dedicated hosting servers for content management systems (CMS) like WordPress with cPanel. Namecheap has several other functions that help beginners to design and host a professional website.

Many businesses and bloggers have positive opinions about Namecheap. As the name indicates, the company offers numerous services at the most affordable prices. From a beginner to a professional, their pricing has something for everyone.

A great perk when it comes to Namecheap hosting is that your website is always online. Problems like slow site speeds or downtime simply don’t exist. Namecheap’s services are fast and efficient and suitable for projects of all levels

Their customer support service is top tier and easily accessible. Any support queries that arise, they will answer in a timely manner with the utter most urgency. They will solve any issues you have with hosting, domain registration, etc.

They also offer a wide range of extensions that help users create domains and enhance their creative skills. In this Namecheap review, we will discuss everything about the company, its services, hosting features, benefits, and more. Read on!

Table of Contents

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Namecheap Services

Namecheap is a web hosting company that offers numerous services through its official website. Bear in mind that each service has its own subcategories. Therefore, it is wise to choose a service that best fits your needs. Let us now talk about them one by one.

Namecheap Hosting

Namcheap offers several hosting services. These services range from shared hosting to specialized WordPress plans. They also provides VPA and dedicated services with high-quality features. We will talk about all the hosting features later in this Namecheap review.


Private Email is a premium interface for email provided through Namecheap. The interface gives you power and flexibility through a cloud mail server. That’s why many entrepreneurs and business owners prefer this feature. You can also choose personalized domains and manage different accounts. With its excellent user interface and tools you can easily mitigate the effects of spamming. If you were to get hosting through Namecheap then Private Email is worth the additional investment.

Website Builder

Website Builder Blog Image

The website builder is a free service that comes with any Namecheap hosting. It is a tool that enables you to create a professional website. You can engage with visual elements and build a website without any programming skills.

The website builder’s drag-and-drop feature is easy-to-use and allows you to place elements at any place on the website. Similarly, the website builder by Namecheap offers a wide variety of templates and other features. These include store optimization, payment gateways, responsive designs, and social networking.

Logo Maker

Do you want to create professional logos for your websites? If so, you don’t need to hire an expert. The reason is that you can get it free with your Namecheap hosting. Their logo maker is excellent and anyone can design a beautiful logo.

That way, you can increase your website’s authority and boost your brand image. Creating a sleek and professional logo for your website is easy. Choose fonts and icons and then let the AI engine do its work. You will have attractive logo options within seconds.


Namecheap has a high-quality VPN service at an incredible price. It is just $2.20 per month. You can use the VPN to change your IPs on servers. It has various locations that you can choose from to maintain your privacy. The VPN’s connection speed is fast and efficient.

Best secure VPN service

Namecheap Hosting Features

In this Namecheap review, our primary focus is on its hosting service. Before you choose Namecheap hosting, it is crucial to know about its features. That way, you will know whether its services will meet your needs. Let us now analyze the main features of Namecheap hosting. Continue reading!

User-friendly Interface

Experts say that a user interface that provides a good experience is paramount when choosing a hosting service. Namecheap has an easy-to-use interface with English being it’s primary language. However, you can choose from several other languages available on the website. Thus, you can easily translate the information on your hosting portal into your native language.

You will use cPanel to administer the servers, which is beneficial because many marketers and bloggers use the cPanel. However, Namecheap has an excellent cPanel and in many scenarios it is better than the competition. The interface and navigation run smooth without any glitches in turn providing a great user experience.

Domain Names

Aside from Namecheap hosting, the company offers a high-quality domain registration service. An interesting feature that people tend to like is “Beast mode.” It allows you to generate a domain name for a new website. It is an AI-based app that enables you to enter keywords and select a few options. In turn, it will generate custom domain names for you to choose from. Thus, this feature makes it an excellent option for people to register domains.


Email Blog Image

Namecheap offers several different webmail plans. Each plan comes with unique features. You have options from 3 GB to 10 GB storage plans. With the Namecheap webmail service, you can get access to anti-spam software.

It offers an excellent user-interfaces for marketers and bloggers. Moreover, if you choose WordPress hosting, you will have an email plan. Likewise, the plans are available for dedicated and shared hosting.

Keep in mind that you can create unlimited email accounts. Many people say that the best webmail feature is automated replies. All these features included in the webmail service make Namecheap hosting one of the best services.


Everyone knows the significance of databases for projects. A database is an important feature but very limited in web hosting services. There is no better service than Namecheap hosting if you plan to work on databases for your online project.

Namecheap offers a wide range of databases. For instance, the basic plans allow you to create 50 MySQL databases. The plus point is that you will have a PHP-My-Admin feature to manage your databases accurately. If you want to get more databases, you have to choose from the advanced plans.


The company offers various applications that you can use to develop a professional project. For instance, one such application is Easy WP. It allows you to install WordPress and configure it easily, quickly, and effectively.

VPN is another essential service that comes with Namecheap hosting. If you want to surf anonymously and privately without limitations, this service can come in handy. VPNs are becoming more and more popular today as the need for online privacy grows.

Namecheap also offers G-suite, which is an excellent application. It contains Google tools that you can use to optimize and organize your projects. The website builder with a drag-and-drop feature is an excellent application that you can use to create professional websites. The feature is known as “Canvas” and that is what is used to create webpages.


Storage Blog Image

Namecheap offers good storage capacity on all its hosting plans. The basic plan has 20 GB storage, which is suitable for beginners. Shared plans can get expensive but offer up to 50 GB of space. It is ideal for personal blogs and websites.

However, if you want more storage, you can choose dedicated or VPS hosting plans. That way, you can get up to 1-TB storage capacity. Although these plans seem expensive, they are much more affordable than BlueHost, GoDaddy, and Hostgator.

Transfer Speed

The transfer speed is an essential component of Namecheap hosting. In this Namecheap review, we want to talk about this important feature. The reason is that the transfer speed influences your website speed and loading time.

Namecheap offers unmetered bandwidth to users who choose shared hosting plans. It means there is no limit. However, because shared hosting implies the division of bandwidth among other users, most people choose dedicated servers.

Moreover, VPS and dedicated Namecheap hosting plans have sufficient and faster bandwidth speeds. For instance, you will get 1TB or more. Such bandwidths are useful for larger and complex projects.


Unlike many other hosting companies, Namecheap has an excellent multisite feature. It means that you can host as many websites as you want, depending on your hosting plan. All this makes Namecheap a flexible and affordable hosting company.

For instance, when you choose a basic plan, you can host three domains. When you go up in price, you can host unlimited domains. Because other companies limit this feature, Namecheap stands out in this regard.

SSL Certificate

Namecheap offers a free SSL certificate for new users. All plans offered by the company have Positive SSL Certificates. The purpose of an SSL certificate is to secure your website. Similarly, it protects your data and maintains a secured server-client communication.

The certificate installed on your website affirms your identity. It also improves your search engine ranking and customer trust. Although the SSL certificate is free, you can buy a more advanced certificate. It will cost you around $8 for each certificate if you want to purchase it separately. However, we recommend you acquire it with Namecheap hosting.

Create your Web Presence

Benefits Of Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap hosting offers many benefits. It has advanced computer security that helps protect your website from external security threats. The California-based company has made substantial efforts to streamline its hosting services.

They offer unique WordPress hosting with cPanel, dedicated servers, and reseller options. All this makes Namecheap one of the best companies. They truly have something for everyone.

Moreover, the combination of features, affordable plans, and security make Namecheap worth your investment. If you need an excellent service provider for your WordPress Website, we definitely recommend Namecheap. Its cPanel management features are quite impressive.

Furthermore, this global hosting company can benefit any project. For example, the fast loading speed and server availability will increase your website ranking. Likewise, it offers competitive pricing and discounts for WordPress hostings.

Many people face technical problems during website development. Thus, these negatively impact your website and decrease the chances of ranking on Google. However, this is not the case with Namecheap hosting. The company helps people avoid technical issues with their superior customer support.

Lastly, a great feature of Namecheap is that they provide you administrator access. You will have this access through cPanel. It is useful for the management and installation of add-ons to your sites. Similarly, you can also install WordPress and other content management systems (CMS). You can also get to your root directory via SFTP which opens up many doors. Lets discuss more of the benefits now!

Excellent Uptime

Namecheap delivers a 100% uptime on all packages, which give you peace of mind. On occasion, the uptime sometimes reduces to 99.97% but not lower than that. It means your website will be up and running without any complications.

Speedy Loading

Uptime is an essential aspect of hosting a website. However, it is incomplete without the speed of loading. The loading speed is directly proportional to visitors’ satisfaction.

Research shows that websites that load for more than six seconds have increased bounce rates. It means that you need a website that stays alive and loads fast. If a website is slow, it means something is wrong.

Recent reports and users’ data show that Namecheap has an average speed of 468 MS, which is a great sign. However, you can improve loading times by purchasing a dedicated server or hosting.


Reliability Blog Image

Today, there are various web-hosting providers, but not all of them are professional. Therefore, it is difficult for people to choose the best among them. In fact, you can choose an unperformed hosting service, but it is like swimming in a pool with no water.

So, instead of choosing an unreliable service, we recommend you to have Namecheap hosting. Not only is Namecheap reliable, but it also offers a wide range of features. This signifies that Namecheap is an excellent service for beginners and advanced users.

Likewise, they protect your website with robust security measures, and you can save money on this hosting. However, make sure you choose the right package and the one that comes within your budget.

Technical Support

Many new businesses don’t focus on the significance of customer support. However, it is an essential aspect of any website. Therefore, you must not ignore it. Otherwise, you can have technical glitches, and this may cause your website to slow down. Also, this happens when you choose unreliable web hosting.

Namecheap hosting is an excellent choice because your website stays alive. However, even if there are any technical issues, you can contact customer support. Namecheap’s support team is available 24/7, and they can fix any problem.

When your site is down, you will lose a large amount of traffic and this leads to revenue loss. With a professional hosting service like Namecheap, you will get round the clock support from experts. These professionals will resolve your problems. Also, they will ensure you get maximum uptime so you don’t experience any loss.

Data Management

Choosing Namecheap hosting will benefit you because it allows you to have complete control over your content. In fact, the content management feature like WordPress with cPanel is an excellent choice for many users.

For example, you can post blog posts as per your choice. Likewise, you can decide how these articles will appear. With Namecheap, there are also no limitations on the number of ads you can post.

Namecheap offers some significant advantages that you won’t get with other web hosting services. With Namecheap hosting, you don’t need to worry about the data, its amount, and security because the company will take care of everything.

Unlimited Space

Most packages offered by Namecheap have unlimited space. Unlike free hosting services, they offer excellent bandwidth and unlimited space. In fact, where other companies fall short, Namecheap fills in the gaps.

They also allow you to choose any amount of storage space based on your needs. Likewise, you can upgrade or downgrade the space according to your website scalability. Moreover, Namecheap hosting is SEO optimized, which means you will achieve higher rankings on Google. All this has positive effects on your website because more traffic means more conversions and revenue.

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Installing Namecheap Hosting

In general, installing a hosting on a website is a complicated process for many people. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you will fail to install it properly. Likewise, improper configurations can lead to several issues.

If you face any problems, you can contact customer support. The customer agent has all the technical knowledge to install hosting on your website. This will allow you to start a project without any errors.

We suggest you contact the technical support department if you have trouble installing hosting. You can also seek help on WordPress installation and other settings. The purpose is to avoid lousy functionality.

Moreover, you can use cPanel to customize your settings. These can include webmail settings, WordPress settings, domain names, subdomains, and more. Besides, Namecheap offers personalized customer service. So, you can avoid problems like hosting configurations. You can contact the support team via phone, email, or live chat support.


Namecheap has higher security protocols with all its web hosting packages. Using Namecheap hosting is crucial because it has more robust security privileges. It has advanced tools and a technical support team if you have any security concerns.

They offer essential security measures, such as virus scanning, SSL certificate, WHOIS, spam filtering, security audits, and OS updates. Furthermore, not only can these fix security loopholes, but they can also prevent your website from external attacks.

Namecheap Hosting Prices

Price Blog Image

Namecheap offers high-quality and efficient plans, prices, and promotions. Anyone can benefit from their offerings, such as businesses, marketers, and bloggers. All this makes Namecheap an affordable service provider. The plans are diverse. For example, WordPress with cPanel is an excellent choice for beginners.

The company has many hosting services that suit different projects. Because of the versatility, you can choose a plan that best fits your needs. The shared hosting service is a perfect choice for anyone starting a website.

All plans have an SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, and a 30 day warranty. The shared hosting has the following plans:


Storage Capacity

Number of Domains



20 GB








50 GB



Namecheap also offers WordPress hosting with excellent optimization features. It provides WordPress pre-installed. Also, it has an automatic back-up feature, cPanel availability, and a 30 day money-back guarantee. The WordPress hosting plans are as follows:


Visitors Support


Easy WP Starter

50,000 visitors


WP Turbo

200,000 visitors


Supersonic WP

500,000 visitors


Namecheap also offers reseller hosting, which starts from $20.33 per month. It likewise provides VPS services, which start from $12.93 per month. Moreover, the company has a dedicated hosting service, which costs $44.11 per month.

Namecheap Hosting Promotions

Namcheap offers various discounts for its hosting packages. For example, you can have a 50% discount for shared hosting plans. The discount is valid for one year. Thus, you can save good money on your first website project.

They also offer discounts for WordPress with cPanel. For instance, you can save 23% during the first year if you choose Easy WP Starter. Similarly, WP Turbo offers a 35% discount, and Supersonic WP has a 50% discount.

Namecheap accepts various payment methods, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Credit Cards. It also accepts American Express and Bitcoin. Thus, the wide range of payment methods makes it easy for anyone to purchase hosting.

Namecheap Hosting – Final Words

Namecheap is an excellent hosting and domain registration service provider that offers various benefits. Their hosting service has become known for its low prices and constant discounts. Similarly, the company’s bandwidth, storage, and RAM are outstanding, guaranteeing high-quality and speedy connections on their servers.

Their service allows people to create professional websites with cheap plans. The management tools offered by Namecheap are high-quality, functional, and secure. Thus, Namecheap is an excellent option for creating projects of all types.

All hosting plans come with a free domain name and SSL certificate, making Namecheap an excellent choice for anyone. Indeed, the company offers a quality service because it takes care of its customers. Take advantage of all that Namecheap has to offer by clicking our link below!

Get Affordable Web Hosting With Namecheap

Namecheap web hosting logo

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