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SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool | Keyword Research

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SEMrush keyword magic tool SEO

For any sort of digital marketing, you need a keyword research tool that’s simple and easy to use and the SEMrush keyword magic tool is exactly the one you need. This all-in-one tool is specially designed to make keyword research easier than ever. SEMrush has combined all the essential keyword research tools you could imagine in one place to create the ultimate keyword magic tool. With entering just one seed keyword, the SEMrush keyword magic tool will build an entire keyword empire in a blink of an eye using the SEMrush keyword database comprised of 15 billion keywords.

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SEMrush Plans And Pricing

The SEMrush free trial allows for you to try the tool for 7-days before purchasing it. There are three plans with a variety of different features based on marketers’ needs. The Pro plan costs $119/month, the Guru Plan costs $229/month, and the Business Plan costs $449/month. You can also get a custom flexible plan to cover your specific needs.

How The SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Works?

The SEMrush keyword magic tool identifies and recognizes the keywords that are semantically related so when you enter a target keyword, it instantly returns all semantically related keywords and matching information. When you use SEMrush keyword research, you are getting a powerful algorithm finding you the best and most accurate results. Here is a detailed explanation of how the tool works:

Enter Seed Keyword

Simply enter your keyword also known as the Seed keyword you wish to analyze in the search bar and click search. The SEMrush keyword magic tool will generate a list of different keyword suggestions based on the popularity of your seed keyword. On the left, you’ll see the group of keywords generated by the SEMrush keyword magic tool.

Adjust Match Modifiers

To further narrow down your search results, you can choose among the following match modifiers:

Broad Match: Shows the largest number of keywords and not in any specific order.

Phrase Match: Shows keywords in various orders and excludes variations of seed keywords.

Exact Match: Shows keywords in the exact same order as the seed keyword.

Related: Shows keywords that have related meaning to your seed keyword according to search engines.

Use the Advance Filter to Go Deeper in Your Niche

The SEMrush keyword magic tool advanced filter drop-down menu allows you to further narrow down your research by deciding which keywords you should include or exclude in your results. Also, you can filter search volume, word count, keyword density, CPC, SERP features, competitive density, and results on search engine result pages.

Filter for Question Keywords

If you want to filter your search further, you can use the Question Button to see keyword phrases as a question. Question-based keywords are great for building a search marketing plan. They help you find ideas for campaigns, blog posts, and SEO focused content.

Explore Keyword Groups and Subgroups

The SEMrush keyword magic tool also enables you to checkout subtopics related to your seed keyword. There is a recommended group of related topics on the left side of the main menu. Each group adds an extra dimension to your search by using an additional keyword. You can go deeper in your niche and even explore subgroups with new related keywords with each layer.

SERP Features Filters

Another great feature of the SEMrush tool is SERP features filters, which helps you filter the list of keywords and identify keywords that generate SERP features like knowledge Graphs, Instant Answer, Site links, featured Snippets, featured videos, and more. Content with these features is much more attractive to users.

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Use keyword Analyzer

Once you’ve come up with the list of your targeted keywords, select the boxes next to each keyword and click the add to keyword Analyzer button at the top for competitor research. The keyword analyzer will show more updated metrics around each keyword which is fundamental while making a content strategy.

Related Keywords Filter

The related keywords filter finds keywords you can use to build your overall search authority for the keyword and drive more traffic to your website. Related keywords are also great to create content ideas for your blog or landing page.

Export Keywords

After identifying which keywords, you want to target, select them by checking the boxes next to them or you can export those to the keyword manager with SEMrush in the form of a list. To export multiple groups in one file, use the eye icon and untick the unwanted groups, then click “All Keywords” to export the complete keyword table.

How The SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Is Useful for SEO?

Whether you’re a blog writer or running a paid search campaign, keyword research is an inevitable necessity when it comes to SEO. It’s a starting point of any digital marketing campaign and can help you rank better. The SEMrush keyword magic tool is a powerful resource that provides you with insightful data to evaluate your competitor’s performance and strategies and measure your own performance as well. It allows you to assess the entire search market to build an efficient SEO strategy. The SEMrush Keyword magic tool helps you identify which terms are prevalent among your target audience. It helps you spot opportunities to drive a higher volume of traffic to your web pages and paid ads.


If you have an online business then you need SEO in one shape or form. It is unavoidable in 2021. SEMrush is a powerful tool that has proven results. It’s a weapon you can add to your companies arsenal that will give it the best possible chance to be discovered. With that being said, the SEMrush free trial is the best way to understand its value and features before actually buying it. To try out SEMrush and it’s magic keyword tool absolutely FREE, click the button below!

Try SEMrush For FREE

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