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VidIQ Boost Review | YouTube Channel Growth

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In this vidIQ Boost review, we will be digging deep into YouTube SEO. It’s important, more now than ever, that online content creators learn about implementing SEO. It is very frustrating for a creator to not get views on the content they put their heart and soul into creating. Fortunately, SEO can allow you to grow from a nobody to a popular YouTuber. It levels out the playing field giving even you a shot at ranking number one.

If you are looking for a way to get a million views, we just might have found the right tool for you: vidIQ Boost. It’s got a plethora of interesting features that will help you determine the kind of videos you should be making to get views. With that being said, lets dig into this vidIQ Boost review and learn how it will grow your YouTube channel.

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VidIQ Boost Plan

The vidIQ Boost plan starts at $39 per month. A single user can optimize 1, 3, or 5 YouTube channels. It helps you get 2X views on your new videos and includes exceptional customer service through live chat and email to help you in your YouTube growth journey.

VidIQ Boost Review - Exploring The Top Features

VidIQ Boost offers 4 plans in total. Each plan comes with a different set of features. Let’s discover how vidIQ can help you with video marketing.

Chrome extension + Web suite

If you want to study, analyze and optimize your videos from different devices, vidIQ Boost gives you access to a chrome extension as well as a Web suite. The browser (Chrome extension) lets you explore a lot of data. On the other hand, the web suite provides access to all the features of the SEO tool.

For instance, this tool will give the probability of your videos coming under the ‘recommended’ section. This is a great feature in helping to decide on what content to create. Producing a video that has viral potential will help your channel grow twice as fast.

YouTube Trends

It is important to track YouTube trends to study your content strategy. Here are two features that vidIQ provides under YouTube Trends:

Most Viewed

Even though YouTube shows all the trending and most-viewed videos, it is not always accurate. The most viewed feature lets you see popular videos based on views per hour, categories, keywords, and other filters.

The real deal with this feature is that you can use any sort of filter to identify popular yet relevant videos. For instance, if your niche is pop music, you don’t need to study the stock market or exercise videos on the list.

Trend Alert

You can set trend alerts to see how your competitor’s videos are trending or how a specific keyword is performing. You can even break this down further to micro trends within a certain niche. When something on your radar is trending you will receive an email. For instance, if your niche is Hollywood celebrities, you can see why and how celebrities like Rock or Emma Watson are trending this week.

Similarly, if you are in the music niche, you can find out all about the singers, musicians, and bands that are trending. If you choose to get vidIQ, the trend alert is a feature you will use often.

SEO and keyword tool

Your video descriptions and titles go a long way in ranking your videos in YouTube and Google search engines. Keywords and SEO are very important and that’s why vidIQ provides you with a great keyword and SEO tool. Below are some of it’s features.

Keyword translator

It translates your descriptions, tags, and titles into multiple languages to cater to a global audience.

Inline keywords

It reveals all the tags that your competitors use.

Keyword templates

This feature allows you to create templates so you can insert them in future videos.

Keyword inspector

Provides you with all keyword information, including video interest over time and related videos.

YouTube keyword tool

It allows you to find your competition, their number of subscribers, and the number of views on their videos. Apart from finding the best keywords in a category, it gives you a slight idea of the keyword’s value.

Study the competition

Regardless of what your video is about, it will compete against other videos on YouTube. Identifying and learning about the competition helps you form a better content strategy in the long run. VidIQ lets you track top influencers in your industry. This way, you will be able to see what works best for your content strategy.

Export top keywords

Identify all the keywords that your competitors are using the most.

Track other YouTube channels

With this feature, you are able to compare your channel with your competitor’s channel. You can sort data by filters such as views per hour or dates. Other than that, you can add any channel to see its stats.

Get accurate stats

You can track subscriber growth, views per hour, and the most-viewed videos of any channel through this feature.

VidIQ Scorecard to track analytics

The first rule of any content marketing strategy is to measure metrics and track results. Of course, you can do it on your own using YouTube analytics but it will be frustrating and time-consuming. However, you can get instant access to data if you have vidIQ to understand your analytics.

Here are some features of the vidIQ Boost scorecard:

Video optimization checklist

You can see the red cross or green tick for factors such as thumbnail, description, tag, social media shares, title, and more. Green is good and red means you need to make adjustments.

Key data points overview

Check out views-per-hours, total views, average views, and the top devices and countries where your videos are watched. This data adds up to give you an accurate vidIQ Boost score.

Historical data

You can also analyze each video’s performance from the time it was uploaded up to a precise date.

Best time of the day feature

This feature predicts the optimal timing of uploading your videos throughout the day.

Channel analytics

You can measure your channel’s video performance and access instant stats such as average daily views, subscribers, and much more.

Related videos

See all the relevant videos in your industry that are trending.

Thumbnail generator

A thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see before they click on your video. It is often overlooked by most YouTubers. However, the vidIQ boost plan lets you add and edit borders, images, text, and fonts to optimize your thumbnail.

Is VidIQ Boost Worth It?

The Boost plan provides comprehensive tools for tracking competitors, trends, and getting in-depth keyword recommendations. As with any plan, the true value depends on your budget, preferences, requirements, and the features you opt for. VidIQ Boost is a powerful and effective plan for those who want to make the most of their video marketing. If you want to be a YouTube success, a tool like vidIQ is an absolute must!

Grow Your Channel With VidIQ Boost

vidIQ YouTube Certified

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