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VidIQ Review | How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Nobody creates content to post on YouTube without a specific target audience in mind. After you create your content, you need it to reach the right audience. As such, you need to find the right keywords so that people can easily find your video when searching for similar content. The right keywords will drive in more organic viewers, and people clicking to view your videos will actually be interested in it. That is why you need vidIQWith vidIQ, you will be able to find the right topic and keywords for your YouTube videos.

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What Is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a video marketing platform that enables YouTube content creators to optimize their marketing campaigns and engage their audience. It enables businesses to understand what their competitors are doing to become popular in the market. With vidIQ, one can identify the right keywords to use on their video titles and video descriptions. In return, the video can become popular by ranking well on search results, and YouTube can also suggest it to other viewers.

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VidIQ For YouTube

YouTube content creators need to understand that YouTube is a search engine. Billions of searches happen on YouTube every month. Users are searching for entertainment, to learn new skills, or even for information on products they want to buy. For anyone posting content on YouTube, it must appeal to the people. It must be content people are searching for, or else nobody will view your videos.  

For anyone doing a random unresearched video, the results are usually discouraging. You cannot just pick a random title, hoping that it will work. Understanding your target audience is a vital factor. You need to understand the words they key in on YouTube while searching for content. Additionally, because it is rare to enter a field where nobody else is doing something similar or related, you need to understand what your winning competitors are doingIn short, there is a formula to follow. 

Success on YouTube depends solely on the discoverability, deliverability, and distribution of your content. People should be able to discover your YouTube videos. They need to know about you and what you post for them to view. If nobody discovers you, then you did not make it easy for YouTube to discover your content. 

The value you deliver in your video also matters. If your video deliveries exactly what someone is searching for in YouTube, then the viewer will be satisfied. When someone loves your content, they will share it. The result is that when YouTube sees that people are sharing your content, it knows that it is good. This will ultimately help you with distribution by suggesting it to people.  

Because people need to discover you so that they can see your deliverability, and for your content to be eventually distributed, vidIQ gives you the ability to identify interesting topics for easy discoverability. You can see the most popular keywords people search and see which ones have less competition. 

VidIQ Vision For YouTube

VidIQ Vision is a browser extension built for Firefox and Google Chrome users. It enables one to understand why a video can be suggested in the Related Videos, Search, and Recommended Videos categories. With the vidIQ Vision browser extension, you will be able to discover that success on YouTube does not solely depend on the number of views one gets. There are other metrics that can drive success, and vidIQ Vision shows them to you. It helps you learn and understand how to optimize your content for better results.

Once you install vidIQ Vision, you can use the Views per Hour feature to identify the number of views a video is still generating. For instance, a video posted in 2010 may have generated 20 million views. However, if the video has zero views per hour, it means that nobody may be viewing it right now. This tells you that this video is no longer relevant.

With that being said, you’ll know that there is little interest in such subject matter, and you can consider that when researching for content to create. Total views may indicate a particular video’s success, but the views in current times tell another story. Clicking on the Historical icon helps you determine the number of views over timeTherefore, you can tell the trend of viewer interest over time, thereby knowing if you should create similar content.

VidIQ Chrome Extension

Any YouTube content creator or marketing manager needs the vidIQ Chrome Extension. YouTube itself has certified vidIQ, meaning that the methods of content creation, growing and monetizing your channel that vidIQ applies are all legitimate. With the vidIQ Chrome Extension, you can carry out an analysis of your YouTube videos and the entire channel. You can do the same for all your competitors.

With the vidIQ extension, you will answer several questions revolving around the ranking of videos, how videos can be considered related, and what makes videos become recommended. As such, you can identify ways to improve your video’s ranking, making it suitable for recommendation and association with other videos. You will also understand how to optimize your video for better placement on the results page after a search.

The extension has several tools to help you strategize for better results of your video. The vidIQ score helps you identify the level of optimization of a certain video. As a result, it revives your efforts as you know where your starting point lies. There are more tools; for instance, “Velocity” helps you identify the specific videos gaining traction. Average Watch Time will give you the average time everyone spends watching your content. From this, you can tell whether your audience stays to watch your content, or it does not engage with it.

Additionally, the extension shows the most popular keywords on peoples search list. As such, you will be able to edit your video’s title and any other text that accompanies your video, all for free. You need your video to contain words that people are searching for. The vidIQ chrome extension will analyze your channel and any other channel that you would like to learn from.

For instance, the extensions system can assess how your audience behaves and suggest to you the best time to post videos and get the maximum number of views. Once your content gains traction, your audience starts commenting on your videos. Sometimes, the comments on your videos can be many, and you may not be able to reply to all comments.

The vidIQ chrome extension will identify the comments you have not replied to, and it will point out the comments that contain a question rather than a mere statement. You can, therefore, check out the comments that need you to respond to. Also, responding to the comments by your audience helps you win them over. They will always look forward to your next video.

The vidIQ Chrome Extension also allows you to see the actions of your competitors. On the lefthand side of the upload page, there is a section labeled Competitors. Generally, any content creator publishing content that is similar to yours is your competitor. Studying your competitors can offer you an opportunity to learn a few things on YouTube. You can see what works for your competitors and what excites their audience. With the Competitors feature, you will be able to tell whether you are on the right track as YouTube is a search engine, and people are out to look for content.

The Competitor section’s sorting is by views, views per hour (VPH), or by date of upload. Therefore, examining the data provides you with a lot of information. For instance, if you choose to examine a competitors views per hour, you will be able to learn what works for your competitor. You can choose to check the details for the last 24 hours, one week, a month, or a year. The information will help you identify the right steps to attract and engage your audience more.

However, you need to understand that learning from your competitor does not mean you should copy from them. Copying may be a grave mistake that may not work for you. Examining your competitor’s data and learning from it means that you will be able to identify any missing strings in your content creation or marketing strategy. You need to identify your own unique way for attaining success.

VidIQ also has a “Channel Audit” tool, enabling you to see how your channel is doing overtime. You will be able to see your progress, whether you are shrinking or growing. The tool also gives you an idea about the engagement behavior of your audience. You will understand whether they are taking their time to view your content or just scrolling through.

VidIQ Download

Downloading the vidIQ extension for your browser is an easy task. When you search for vidiq.com on Google, it takes you to the vidIQ home page. The homepage has an area for you to sign up or sign in if you have an existing account. There are a few pages at the top of the vidIQ homepage, including Features, Blog, Pricing, and Extension. When you click on the extension, you will download the vidIQ Chrome Extension and add it to your Chrome browser.

VidIQ Price

For you to use vidIQ, you need to have a vidIQ account. Additionally, there are different levels of vidIQ users. The membership plans include the Basic vidIQ plan, vidIQ Pro, vidIQ Boost, and vidIQ Boost Plus. For anyone new on YouTube, the vidIQ Basic is the ideal plan. It is free and gives you a chance to learn as you grow.

With vidIQ Pro, one pays $7.50 per month. It analyzes one’s audience’s behavior and provides the content creator with an ideal time to post a video to have more engagement and views. It provides the statistics on each video’s history so that one can identify the time the video took off significantly. You can also see other details, including the countries where your videos are trending more, the devices that bring in the most views, and the general information on a viewers’ demographyIt also has a Search Companion feature, which shows the trending videos and the search words related to the videos.

VidIQ Boost will cost you at least $39 every month, and it gives you an average of at least two times more views on your videos. For vidIQ Boost+, it’s $415 per month, and it is ideal for dedicated content creators and agencies. The main outstanding advantage for vidIQ Boost+ is that it provides coaching for members. The coaching aims to help you grow the number of views and subscribers for your content and confirm any opportunities arising for growth in your work genre. The coaching also makes you build a community that engages you and each other around your content. Additionally, you will understand all the metrics that determine content success and build a solid strategy for effective programming and publishing of content.

VidIQ Boost

The most recommended membership plan for vidIQ users is the vidIQ Boost.The package costs at least $39 per month and provides you with all the benefits of vidIQ Pro plus many more. On top of the benefits that vidIQ Pro offers, vidIQ Boost additionally provides you with the option to boost your content even further.

With vidIQ Boost, you have the option of content optimization during upload or clicking the video edit page on YouTube after uploading your video. To optimize the video while uploading, you upload your video normally by keying in the title, video description, and several suitable keywords for your content category.

At the bottom of the screen, a Boost this video button appears. Since every video contains metadata, Boost examines the metadata and compares it to other keywords and trending videos. It then displays a list of optimized keywords and trending videos.

You can add the keywords to your metadata by clicking the + button next to each optimized keyword displayed. Your content must have a specific topic, and you should start by adding the most specific keywords to the topic. You can finish with the words that cover more general topics. Ideally, 20-25 keywords are okay, but you can add more as long as they are related to the content you are posting.

Additionally, you can use trending videos to optimize your keywords. The trending section shows you the trending videos on which you can click and reuse their keywords. It is known as drafting. Whenever you find a video that looks similar to yours, and it is trending, reusing the videos keywords will help boost your video’s views. When YouTube evaluates the keywords, they can associate it with the trending video, making your video popular.

In case you already have an uploaded video, you can still use vidIQ Boost to increase your views. The Creator Studio gives you the ability to navigate to the video you intend to have optimized. Clicking on the Edit button gives you the chance to see and edit the metadata on your video.

There is a “Boost This Video” button that shows at the bottom of the page. vidIQ Boost takes over and examines your metadata, then compares it against other popular keywords and trending videos. You then are able to see the optimized keywords and trending videos.

Just as it is when you optimize while uploading, you can add the optimized keywords to your metadata description. The most specific keywords should be added first, then you complete with more general words. Usually, 20-25 keywords should be your target, but you will not be penalized if you choose to add more. The only thing to consider is that you have to ensure that the keywords you add are related to your content. VidIQ Boost keeps on finding more befitting keywords as you continue clicking.

Additionally, using the “Enable Suggestions” button can change your title and improve the video description. VidIQ Boost will offer suggestions of strong keywords that you should include in your title and description. You should always use strong keywords in your title and description to enhance your content’s visibility.

However, it is important to note that recommended tags are more effective for new uploads than they are for much older content. You, therefore, need to prefer optimizing new content.


For every content creator on YouTube, the key goal is to reach their target audience and be well received. VidIQ gives you the ability to rank high on the search engine results and reaches your target audience. With the right keywords, you can easily reach your target audience, increasing your videos’ number of views. Also, vidIQ makes one understand that success on YouTube does not only rely on views. There are more metrics to measure success. Content creators should, therefore, use vidIQ to expand their audience and earn more subscribers.

vidIQ YouTube Certified

Grow Your YouTube Channel With VidIQ

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